I Need My Ink Injection!

The world is divided into two kinds of people:  those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.  ~Author Unknown

Tattoos have taken many forms over the thousands of years they have been in existence. Some people get really stupid tattoos, others really ugly ones, some are acceptable and then there are the tattoos that blow your mind. My ex-boyfriend once accused me of leaving him because he had too many tattoos…man, was he completely off-track on that one. I love a man with some sweet tattoos. There is something super sexy about inkin’ it up. Besides, I have always had a secret desire to have a full sleeve or an epic piece of artwork on my back…but that’s just me.

In Tahiti, tattoos were a rite of passage and chronicled the history of a person’s life. I have been thinking about my next tattoo since I got my last one. That was eight years ago. I knew I wanted more tattoos and I knew I wanted them to mean something about where I was at in my life as I went along. I also knew that I was pretty fucked up for a while and was flying through a shit storm without a propeller for several years. Long story, short, I just wasn’t ready to say, “Yep, I made it through that one…” It took me quite a while to make it through this last stage of my 20’s and grow the fuck up. But I did make it through. And I did learn. And although I hurt and was lost and discouraged, I maintained my sense of self, grew, reflected and found a sense of calm in who I am. I became a better and more whole me. This next tattoo has to represent what I’ve gone through and also what I have to look forward to.  It has to speak to who I am now and who I want to be.

I think I found my next partner. “What is it??” you might be wondering…I’ll let you know soon (Tattoo Chronicles: Part Deux) but the question is, if you had to get a tattoo that represented the journey you experienced…and the journey you are yet to experience….what would it be? Why?

Symbols have strong meaning in our world…what would be yours for growth, wisdom, knowledge and strength?

Strength in Individuality - A Woman With Tattoos


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