Destination Honduras: The Plan

When on an adventure, I try to not plan. Being a Type A personality, my planning tends to go overboard with synced Google calendars, hour by hour itineraries, and rigid stop and go activities. So if I want to fly by the seat of my pants, NO PLANNING is the only type of planning that I can usually do. Otherwise, watch out for Ms. Type A.

In an attempt to try and keep myself SAFE in Honduras, I’ve actually accomplished a rough outline of what I’d like to do and where I’d like to go without completely scheduling myself into a corner. Unbelievable? Possibly. But at least I won’t be wandering around with my nose in a map and my wallet on the street.

First Stop: San Pedro Sula

I have not heard great things about this city for young and pretty women who are traveling alone through Honduras. It’s noisy, dirty and dangerous. Not that I’m deterred. I’m going to explore and have a great time getting a feel for the city but I’ve taken note that it’s probably not the best place for me to stay and hang out at with a big backpack and no “escort.” San Pedro Sula is a central hub for all the other places to go and where I’m flying into, so by default, I start here. The advice is to not walk around at night, watch your bags and only spend one day here. Check, check, check. I’ve booked a hostel for the evening, plan to tool around until early afternoon then head out to Copan Ruinas where my real adventure will begin.

Purpose and Goal for San Pedro Sula: Realize that I am doing something pretty fucking awesome on my own. Enjoy being abroad. Stay safe, test my capabilities to navigate a city on my own. Induct myself into the world of Honduran food. Buy some skirts and dresses so I fit in with the locals and high tail it into the woods as fast as I can.

Next: Copan Ruinas

Copan Ruinas is a small town that is home to Mayan Ruins. There are also some hot springs up the road (Agua Caliente) and a waterfall that you have to cross a precarious suspension bridge to get to (El Rubi Waterfall).

This place is supposed to have a great hiking trail in and some great hiking around. The town center is supposed to be pretty awesome as well. I can’t wait to be reminded of how absolutely small my life is compared to the history of our world.

Purpose and Goal for Copan Ruinas: Experience some transcendence by walking on the same stairs as ancient peoples from thousands of years ago. Feel the spirituality of a place and the spirit of people through learning of their past. Spend some alone time with my own thoughts. Challenge myself to reflect on my own life and how I want to be remembered.I also want to steal an ancient rock. Would that curse me?

And Then: La Ceiba

Just from this picture, I know this place is going to blow my mind. White water rafting, rappelling through the forest, hiking into the depths of Honduras…it’s going to be awesome. The hostel is also a very popular backpackers’ stop, so I’m hoping to meet some cool people along the way as well. When I started reading about La Ceiba, my heart rate went up. It just seems like La Ceiba might have everything I’m looking for. I’ve planned to stay 2-3 days here.

La Ceiba is on the north central coast of Honduras. It’s a great place to catch a ferry or plane to Utila, a small island off Honduras that is super popular with backpackers, scuba divers and the like. La Ceiba has beaches, city life, wildlife preserves and a big eco-tourism industry. I’m excited to visit Pico Bonito National Park – home to Honduras’ 8,000m peak. There’s also a bug museum that I want to gross myself out by checking into (I heard the local guy who runs it LOVES insects and even has live specimens for you to hold). I’m hoping to also find the trail head to Rio Zacate Falls, which I heard is tricky but worth the search.

Purpose and Goal for La Ceiba: Laugh. Live a little. Seek adventure. Scream with excitement. Test my physical boundaries. Live amongst some cool people. Be secure, content and happy with being me right where I am at the moment.

Reflections in a music bar

So, that’s my “non-planned” plan. I know I need to be more independent (it’s been too long). I know I need to experience life’s goodness (I am tired of challenges in my daily life). I know I need to be reminded that I am awesome and awesomeness surrounds me (the world is full of amazing things). I’m hoping Honduras puts my mind on the right track and my adventures help me find some calmness in this shit-storm I’ve been navigating.

Bottom line: I gotta get happy. I gotta find some contentment and peace in my life. I gotta get my shit together. I gotta grab life by the balls and just…live it. No more holding my breath. No more waiting for some freakin’ miracle (or guy! HAHAHA!) to save me. This has to be about me.


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