Droppin’ Responsibility Off at the Proverbial Pool

Current State of Affairs

For the last three months, I have been recovering from the effects of E Coli. Most people think of E Coli and think they know what that means. “Ooooh, dude, you must have been super sick, huh?” You don’t even know the beginning of it. E Coli is a dangerous and violent motherfucker. I have never felt as much pain and uncomfortable illness in my life combined. Your stomach feels like there are knives jabbing in and out, you are shitting blood, can’t eat, can’t drink and feel like you are going to fall face first every time you stand up. Your kidneys stop working, your liver shuts down and your colon is trying to rip itself out of your body.

So I went on a heavy dose of Cipro, stayed home and got a little better. I went back to work and within a week was back in the hospital for another round of E Coli. I guess it never went away the first time all the way. Great. Another round of Cipro later, I’m back at work. I catch a cold which racked through my body like a tornado. Back at home. Back to work a week later and I catch the flu. This time, it racks my body so hard that I’m down to 91 pounds and in the hospital. Decision making time.

I’m a teacher in the Bronx. That story is a soul-sucking one that will make you hate our government and it’s educational system. I have been surviving there (barely) for two years now. And it’s part of what is keeping me down on the ground sick.

I’m taking a leave of absence from work. I’m getting rid of my awesome apartment. That was secured on Saturday. Phew. I’m going to take 30 days to recover. Email sent to Principal. Sigh. I’m going to sell all my stuff and liberate myself from possessions. Hm. I’m going to look for a job upstate and hope to God one pans out in 30 days or less. Yikes.

If all this works out, I will have a lot more freedom and a lot less stuff. You know what’s funny about getting rid of all your shit? It’s addictive. You can taste the freedom of not having STUFF to deal with. There becomes a point (about an hour ago) where you don’t care how much someone offers…you just want whatever it is gone so you don’t have to carry it. You might look at a vase and say, “Oh, but I really like that…” and then think about how many times you are going to have to pick it up and set it down and, “Where would it fit in the car anyway?” and then I find myself saying…”Just name a fair price and it’s yours.”

See that corner with my computer? That’s the amount of space that I am proposing to fit my life into when I move. Sometimes, your priority has to be yourself.

Cheers to getting rid of shit and getting healthy!


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