Subaru is Sad



My Subaru has had a rough couple of days. So have I. I have begun to implement a strategic plan to get healthy and get out of the Bronx in one fatal swoop.

In my excitement, I seem to have ran over an ice chunk and ripped off the bottom of my car and hit a pot hole hard enough to put a bubble in the tire.

My Subaru is no Murano (my trade…) but I still love her!

I traveled to three different dealerships and tire places – apparently I have “special performance tires” on my vehicle that are not only expensive but are special order tires. This would not be such a big deal except for the fact that I had to drive from NYC to Ithaca for a job interview then drive out to make some social visitsin New Jersey the next day, then drive to DC.

After giving up on replacing the tire, I took my chances and started the trip.

About half way to New Jersey from Ithaca, the tire started splitting. I called my friend in NJ and put her on tire finding duty. She found a place near her house that could have the tire by 8AM the next day which would put me on schedule to make it to DC at my scheduled time.

$450 later, I have a new tire. No, it’s not a typo. These high performance tires are that expensive. Now, of course I asked if I could just replace the front two with cheaper tires. Unfortunately, with an all wheel drive vehicle, this is impossible. You change the type of tire on one side, you have to change it on all sides.

Note to self: DO NOT hit pot holes. Swerve. Who cares what pedestrians, strollers or animals might be in the way.


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