Honduras: What’s in the Pack?



Backpacking is incredibly fun but to know what to bring with and what to leave behind can be tricky. For my trip to Honduras, I am packing extremely light but have brought essential gear.

Here’s the breakdown: Clothing
One rain jacket
One pair of shorts
Two pairs of pants
Three long sleeve shirts
Four tank tops
Sports bra
“city shirts” – aka classier
Beach wear! Sarong, 2 bathing suits, sun dress
Two pairs of sandals

Here’s the breakdown: Gear
Papers with all travel info and itinerary
Writing Journal
Copy of passport
Dry pack bag
Security lock
Medical kit
Baby wipes
Travel towel
Emergency blanket
Camera (duh!)
Extra memory card and battery
LL Bean LED Head Lamp
Money belt
Ipod and charge chord
Passport pouch
Bug spray – Deet
Eco friendly soap
Camelback bladder pouch for water
Hammer gel packs
Sport beans
Power Bar protein bites
Electrolyte water tablets

The protein bites and hammer gel packs are mostly because I am still working on gaining weight after having E Coli. It’s smart anyway because if I am hiking and in a pinch, I have some fast energy.

I love the Electrolyte tablets. It will really fend off dehydration.

Everything fit! So now, I take off to Honduras!!


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