Downieville Classic 2011

At 11pm on Friday night, I signed up for a gnarly, 46 mile, 2-day, cross country/downhill race in Downieville, California to take place in roughly four months.

The Downieville Classic All Mountain World Championship requires that you use the same bike with the exact same set up for both cross country and downhill races. No exceptions. This 46 mile race is split up into two days: first day, a 29 mile cross country course and second day, a 17 mile downhill course.

The Downieville Course Map

The training has begun. I have been recovering from e coli for 5 months and thought this would be a great kiss off to being sick and a big welcome back to the biking world. Or…I could just be crazy. There is no beginner class. There isn’t even an intermediate level. This is a big kids only race. I will be racing with Expert Women. Even in my best racing days (which was like, 7 years ago), I was never an expert level racer.

The hardest thing to come to terms with is the loss of muscle, agility and cardiovascular ability that has occurred over the last 5 months. That being said, my goal is to simply finish the race. It would be an awesome accomplishment.

I have decided to motivate myself to ride hard every day (no exceptions!) until Downieville race day.

I also decided to keep track of my inner talk. One of my toughest obstacles in training for a race is my own mental frustrations. I wanted to watch my confidence and ability build over time…so I created a special page to follow my progress.

Wish me luck and see you on the trails!


3 thoughts on “Downieville Classic 2011

  1. Wow, this sounds like so much fun! The day 1 xcountry, does this include a ton of climbing? Oh hell yes, that downhill makes my mouth water!

    • Ya. I am heading into spin class now after two hours of trail riding. I have my work cut out for me!! Want to come and support?? Should be a FUN weekend!

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