Tattoo Chronicles: Part Trois

It’s done. I’ve gotten the Bodhi Tree tattoo. The meaning and purpose behind the tattoo was well expressed in the artwork that Patrick did on my back.

After the challenges I’ve gone through this year, I have succeeded at becoming a better me. I have worked hard and continued to make changes in my life that I felt were vital to my long term happiness. I am now in a place in my life where I feel like I am capable of finding peace, happiness, serenity, wisdom, and love. The tattoo is a constant reminder that I’m choosing to sit under the proverbial Bodhi Tree and spend some time contemplating and reflecting what makes me happy, who I want to be in this world and how I’m going to project the goodness in me out to others.  I’m going to do my part to feel the enlightenment so needed for true inner peace.

So, for the next tattoo?? I do believe I will have to acknowledge my love and obsession with mountain biking…maybe after completing the Downieville Classic this year??

Bodhi Tree Tattoo


One thought on “Tattoo Chronicles: Part Trois

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