Next stop…Indonesia?

An-Nur Mosque, Riau

Yesterday, I received an email in my box with the subject line: Grade 3/4 in Riau, Indonesia Position Available. I had  been sitting at my desk the majority of the day browsing blogs and waiting for someone, ANYONE, to call so I could stop the boredom. My personality is not compatible with the office life. Sitting in a chair all day, staring at a computer screen, pretending to care about my job…these things are very difficult for me.

An illustration of me, yesterday

After swiveling in my chair with my head down for about ten minutes because my hair felt funny on my face as I swung from left to right…I looked up to find a new email in my box…from Indonesia.

I have a serious case of wanderlust – all – the – time – so how excited was I to have an invitation to LEAVE the daily hum drum and go on an ADVENTURE??

I immediately updated my resume (leaving out this pointless job I currently have with no responsibilities) and shipped it off to Indonesia via the world wide web.

How excited was I to get a response email the same night!!! After so much encouragement from the travel fairies, I started applying to jobs all over the world. And then I thought, “HEY, I have a MASTERS degree in administration! Go big or go home lady!!” So I started applying for those positions, too.

After that, I received emails from the head office in New Jersey for administration positions that I didn’t even know I was qualified for. My heart beats faster just thinking about it.

So guess what I’m doing at work today? You know it! I’m applying to Beijing, Cairo, and Sao Paolo, too.

Daily Hum Drum? Ya, I know I’ll still have that battle to fight no matter where I go…but it sounds a lot cooler saying, “Yea…I’m on my way to work again…in INDONESIA!”


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