Listen kiddos…do NOT go to college!

I sit with approximately $80,000 in student loans after acquiring a masters’ degree last July. The economy was already in the garbage when I graduated so I had no real hope of getting a “real” job. I now sit in a mindless job (albeit, super easy!) that barely pays the minimum on my student loans each month. That minimum equals exactly ZERO principle. That’s right, I am paying ONLY INTEREST on my student loans. It’s all I can afford (and I pay $530 per month).

75% of undergraduates this year graduated with $34,000 in student loans. When we are in college, we don’t think about the student loans…it’s going to get paid back by that AWESOME PAYING JOB that we’re going to get with our new found knowledge…right? RIGHT?!?!

No, because the economy sucks. If you haven’t noticed, people are broke and pissed off and have a shit load of student loans.

Occupy Wall Street -

I sit here in my meaningless job that pays just enough to keep the creditors at bay and I wonder…

  • If I hadn’t gone to college, I could be traveling the world right now. I could be in Nepal or Tokyo or…I don’t know. Somewhere WITHOUT $80,000 in student loans…FREE.
  • The most important lessons I’ve learned in life and the most important experience and advice I’ve received were NOT from my college classes. It was from great employers, great leaders and great professors that I sought out. (Shout out to Marshall at CWD Group and Dr. Brasco at St. Johns!)
  • The fact that the banks own these student loans and charge upwards of 7-14% interest and that the interest  doesn’t go to the government or the schools, it goes to the banks, angers me beyond belief. I pay over 1/3 of my paycheck toward my student loans and that’s only hitting INTEREST. I will NEVER get out of debt this way.
  • And by the way…banks got smarter. Now, when you file for bankruptcy, student loans are EXEMPT. Ya, that means that you still have to pay those back. With interest…to the BANK.
  • Overall, I think I would have been a lot happier teaching English over seas than in the US and I didn’t need a degree for that…

Traveling me = Happy me

So listen, you can go to college if you want. And hey, travel while in college because that’s when we’re supposed to do it right?!? (you’ll pay for it later, don’t worry!) But until the government starts acting like they actually want you to be smarter and more successful…steer clear of universities and student loans. The government’s interest is in the banks and the banks have been stealing from middle and lower class for too long. The student loan situation will be the next “housing crisis.” If I can’t get a higher paying job and my job that I CAN get allows me to only pay interest…every month…how will I ever be free to leave this seriously selfish country??


4 thoughts on “Listen kiddos…do NOT go to college!

  1. While this may be good advice for those behind you, I sure hope you’re not generating regrets of your own. Don’t forget that it’s the road you took that brought you to who you are today, and I know you’re a healthy fan of You. Of course it’s easier for me to say this – not being 80k in debt – but I hope you can come to terms with your present reality by appreciating what you HAVE acquired, and the experiences you DID gain. Maintaining an “attitude of gratitude” (as I like to call it) helps you focus on abundance and manifest more of it, rather than a perspective of bitterness which focuses on lack, and manifests more of that. Remember that the boons you’ve collected on your journey may never be recognized by you, but were nonetheless integral to the formation of your Self. Have faith that the Universe is gently guiding you along the path it sees as most beneficial for your Spirit. Count your blessings and look to the horizon ahead for more goodness. I love you 🙂

    • I think that and then I think about how I would have NEVER taken $80k in loans to TRAVEL…but I probably would have gained so much more from it at this point. Under-employed? Check! Over qualified? Check! Bored out of my mind? CHECK CHECK CHECK! I could travel of $12,000 a year, no problemo. Working on that program, stat!

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