Everyone Has Ruined Christmas (and reality)

Everyone has ruined my love of Christmas (and reality). I don’t mean to sound all melo-dramatic here…but I’m pretty serious. Between our consumerism driven society and holiday cheer now starting sometime in mid-November, I really just can’t enjoy it anymore. It used to be my favorite holiday.

A few reasons why Christmas was my favorite:

1. This holiday is about the BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST. Ya, I said it. This isn’t a holiday that was meant for gift giving, road rage and blinking lights. It seems erroneous now that Jesus was more than likely born in the summer, had dark skin and lived in the middle east.  If we are going to disillusion ourselves and celebrate now, let’s at least keep our focus.  Instead, we ignore that little baby Jesus completely because we’re all self-consumed with gift buying, wrapping, giving and receiving.

Little Baby Jesus (according to Anglo-Christians)

Question: If you don’t believe in Jesus or you don’t really celebrate that guy all year round, should you be taking  part in Christmas festivities??

2. The story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I just read an article in the Pittsburgh News that people feel that this Christmas classic encourages  bullying. Are we trying to raise a bunch of Peter Pan pansies? This story IS about bullying but it’s about how to OVERCOME things that people want to bully you about. If you have a fat and annoyingly loud nose people will make fun of you. This is reality. I love that we used to be able to share this piece of wisdom with children through fun and festive puppet stories during Christmas. Now, we just pretend that all children are amazing and gifted and not weird.

3. Listening to Christmas music. I used to Rock Around the Christmas Tree and screech out Silent Night…I would get excited waiting for Christmas music to begin on the radio. I made mixed tapes and then mixed CD’s of my favorite Christmas songs. I would listen to them non-stop from December 1st until December 25th. But now, it’s shoved down my throat and into my ears until my eyes start bleeding. It starts right after Halloween. They play the same songs over and over. Thanks for ruining it. Assholes. Is it really helping you sell more scarves and Gucci handbags?

If I hear “Dominick the Donkey” one more time…

4. Getting together with family. Yes, yes, I love my family. And I love getting together with everyone for Christmas. Since when was this an obligated thing? Why does it have to be on Christmas? We don’t even really celebrate and my parents are far from religious. Now that I live 3,000 miles away I am somehow supposed to feel more guilty about not being there. Most of my favorite memories at home are from the non-pressurized, relaxed and fun get togethers that we threw together for no reason at all. Holidays are full of stories of families blowing up and mom about to kill grandma, etc etc. Oh we all laugh…

5. Decorating the Christmas tree. My place of employment has something like sixteen Christmas trees. That’s not including the blazing fire that I see outside of my “office” window every evening  caused by a caustic amount of light bulbs on all the outdoor trees. Since when did decorating a Christmas tree turn into an expensive, energy sucking, and completely overwhelming experience?

Our 22' tall giant

6. Going skiing. Oh, how I love skiing. I’ve skied since I was two. I’ve had a love/hate relationship here and there but always came back to my true dedication to skis. It’s my interest and passion all season long to get out on the mountain as many times as I can. But there are certain days that just feel like death to me and Christmas day is one of them. Everyone decides it’s just a great family affair! Whether you know how to ski or not, have one kid or ten, and know that everyone is going to the same ski location doesn’t matter. EVERYONE goes at the same time, on the same day. It’s the one day out of the year that I refuse to go as caution to my head literally blowing apart from frustration and cold.

A blog on how to deal...

Surviving a busy day

One thing that can’t be ruined for me is that small part of nostalgia of the non-Christmas type of holiday cheer that I hold on to. I love enjoying hot cocoa, a roaring fire, candy canes, and slow playing yuletide music in the background. I love wrapping gifts. I love sparkly lights. I love getting together with friends and spending time together. I still (secretly) love Christmas Time. You can’t ruin it. And I can’t help it.


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