An Advocacy Adventure – Roam Your Soul Style


My little Peanut

Did you know…

New York State has the HIGHEST RATE in the beating of domestic animals.
New York State is also #2 for kicking/stomping on them.
New York State is also #2 for abandonment/neglect.
New York State holds a top 3 position for over NINE categories of types of abuse.


Animal Shelters need our help…

Approximately 8-12 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year.
The average cost of basic food, supplies, medical care and training for a dog or cat is $400-$700 a year.


Time for Action…

I contacted a local humane society to see what we could do. I asked for a list of items that they were in need of so Meredith and I will be heading to the Tri-Lakes Humane Society next week to drop off donations based on this list of items.

If you would like to make an item donation from the list below, contact

If you would like to donate $$$$, click on the donate button below!

List of items needed: dog and cat food, rabbit pellets, hay, treats, blankets, pillow cases, towels, linens, cleaning supplies, paper towels, bleach, Windex, toys

We’ll be posting up pictures from our adventure of donating AND walking some dogs after we are done next week!

Tri-Lakes Humane Society

Our Advocacy Adventure…

I decided to approach my adventure task as a blog and share it so that I a) could get donations and b) share the experience with readers as well as my fellow Roamers in the workshop. It’s a two-fer.

The Adventure Task: Find a friend and choose to participate in an advocacy cause and then share about it.
Original Plan: To volunteer and interview the doctor at the Planned Parenthood in Saranac Lake (I’ll post up about that independently).
Change of Plans: Upon teaming up with my friend, Meredith, we had to choose something we were BOTH passionate about. After a couple of beers and brainstorming, we chose animals and animal shelters.
Why I deviated: Advocacy is all about your personal experience being used to empower and better others. If you can’t connect to the cause then the energy and motivation won’t be there. We had to choose something that we BOTH had experience with and that we BOTH could get in to. We also had to identify the common ground in our advocacy experience. Meredith wasn’t going to be heading to the Philippines to shovel mud any time soon and it had been over a year since I’d done any advocacy work with an organization whatsoever. We found our common ground.

The Adventure: I’m excited to see what kind of response Meredith and I both receive from our friends and family network and hope that people are ACTIVE. I picture Meredith and I heading to Tri-Lakes Humane Society with a box-load of supplies and several bags of animal food. UPDATE: We have $20 raised! Please donate today!

About the Workshop Adventure Thing…

I started Roam Your Soul as an online adventure workshop, with our first workshop commencing December, 2011. Since then, I have met 11 amazing women online and we have begun our weekly adventures together. For more information on that, visit Roam Your Soul – An Online Adventure Workshop for Women.

Week 2 of the adventure workshop is all about advocacy. I posted information about that in my “Being an Advocate” post at RYS.

Our next round of workshops begins February 17th. You can sign up by visiting the Roam Your Soul Website, learning more, and clicking the PayPal button.

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