An Irish Journey: Day 12, Shannon Airport to Back Home

August 30, 2011
Day 12

Shannon Court hotel had the best shower out of all my shower experiences while in Ireland. Great water pressure, long hot showers and able to adjust temperature easily. One thing I’ve learned from international travel is that Americans take their showers for granted. Water pressure, hot water, and other things we tend to expect in the US are commodities while traveling in other countries.

Our morning routine had a weird and somber vibe to it. Our last morning in Ireland, for me, had a sadness to it…and I wasn’t looking forward to returning to our daily routines. We knew we would be heading back to the airport in a few minutes so we enjoyed our breakfast and lingered a little longer than we had to. The hotel has a Chinese restaurant that, of course, serves Irish breakfast. It was about 6.50e and was good.

We threw our bike bags onto our backs and hauled ourselves out to the bus stop right in front of the hotel. 2e and 10 minutes later we were at the front door to Shannon International Airport.

Waiting for the bus

We got halfway through security and got stopped by a lady with a bad attitude who refused to allow a multi tool and wrench for bikes through. Odd, since we made it through the checkpoints by European security but TSA (oh, lovely, lovely TSA) didn’t like our tools that could possibly be weapons…Phunner grabbed the tool and ran back through security to check an additional bag (luckily, we didn’t have to pay!) while I sat glaring at the TSA employee.

Oooooh, lady in white....

Ireland and Wales are amazing countries full of culture, hospitality, and awesome mountain biking. We travelled all over and felt welcome, at well, and met many amazing people. We biked and then biked some more…and biked more. We were on TV, drank a shit-ton of Guinness, camped, dressed in costume, looked at old stone shit, and enjoyed some of the best scenery in the world. Visit Ireland. My heart is still in Wales.

Ireland to Wales - On Singlespeeds

Shannon РLimerickBlarney РCorkDublinPenmachnoBetws-y-Coed РLlandeglaKilfinaneBallyhoura РSSWCDoolin РCliffs of MoherGalwayGort,+Ireland&daddr=Limerick,+Ireland+to:Blarney,+Ireland+to:Cork,+Ireland+to:Dublin,+Ireland+to:Penmachno,+United+Kingdom+to:Betws-y-Coed,+United+Kingdom+to:Llandegla,+United+Kingdom+to:Kilfinane,+Ireland+to:Ballyhoura,+Ireland+to:Doolin,+Ireland+to:Cliffs+of+Moher,+Liscannor,+Ireland+to:Galway,+Ireland+to:Gort,+Ireland&geocode=FVdNJAMdh4R4_ylFNVuM1EFbSDGgeTGXqccACg%3BFeSfIwMdXDR8_yl7IlsMYFxbSDFybMuV1JNpOA%3BFalmGAMdIEd9_ynzwXfibpFESDFAyDGXqccACg%3BFU_jFwMdU6N-_ynxOhlSF5BESDH0RbAccDi1_A%3BFWj3LQMdml2g_ykvrCfqgA5nSDGgcTGXqccACg%3BFZFQKQMdqAXG_yl7Vh2XhRNlSDFppSxpdP8Kog%3BFX4WKgMdtgHG_yl1ZXoiYxRlSDEddSSF1O_7Kg%3BFYitKQMdJxfP_ylr1V4_t8t6SDFK1LDw2V-3OQ%3BFX7wHgMdPLt-_yk58Sj5dqtESDEAiTGXqccACg%3BFZuxHQMdqEB8_ykNsqN9CrFESDGw3uM3qccAGA%3BFcH1KAMd1uhw_ylL9fPjWQdbSDGw_jGXqccACg%3BFaVDKAMdSylw_yHsl_3-d_Fquw%3BFTTYLAMd4Kx1_yl3j2Rg-JZbSDHWdNC2GQg6mA%3BFRbCKQMdVnJ5_ymdO6CAAHhbSDFAmDGXqccACg&aq=0&oq=-+Gort&sll=52.32449,-8.720635&sspn=0.93164,2.359314&hl=en&doflg=ptm&mra=ls&ie=UTF8&ll=52.61639,-6.306152&spn=1.48111,6.2288&t=m&output=embed
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