Single Speed USA 2012

After participating in Single Speed World Championships in Ireland this last fall, I had to make it to the Single Speed US Championships in Vermont. I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to spend a day on my bike, drinking beer, IN COSTUME.


SSWC 2011 – Ireland

After taking care of a bunch of international kids this July, I had NO time to plan an elaborate costume so I was at the mercy of our friend who claimed he had the raddest jersey ever and no costume would be necessary. Tall claim.

I, of course, got blown out of the water by Wonder Woman, who has made appearances now at three races and been a complete hit each time. I do feel that Single Speed Championships are as much about the costume as the race itself and felt a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t get my shit together in time.


Good news was, the jersey WAS FUCKING AWESOME. I threw it on in addition to some 80’s hot pants and was ready to go.


A unicorn barfing a rainbow…classic.

The thing is, don’t be fooled: these races are HARD. I biffed my chin on a slippery bridge in Ireland, always expect 30+ miles of riding, and weather is always a toss-up (pouring rain in Ireland, humidity in Vermont). And single speed riders are FAST. SSUSA 2012 was no different.

Starting "Line"

It’s all fun and games at the “start.”

After a hearty, “Don’t be a douche!” and then an, “Okay. Go,” the race began. The trails were technical and rooty. There was a shit-ton of climbing. It was HOT. And there was a lot of beer.

Aid Station #2

Aid Station

I’m not gonna lie. This shit was hard. I got lost. I walked. I sweated my ass off. I got passed by the DFL guy (yea, I passed him back!). With a healing broken leg/ankle thing going on, I got “sweeped” by the sweeper at mile 23. And was relieved.

I somehow missed out on this:


Yea, those are my peeps…

And this:

ImageAlthough, the latter I don’t feel so bad about. Old English 40s?? Gross.

We took a lot of pictures. You can see them here.

It all ended at the Rusty Nail with live music, beer, food, and these sweet shoes.


After some pickle munching, we were all smiles.


Although, there was some rumbling on the accuracy of the judging at the syrup chugging competition and push up competition, SSUSA 2013 will be hosted in Minnesota.

SSWC will be in South Africa this year and we are slated to go (minus a little issue we call WORK) and we’re hoping to sneak away for the race. Costume planning is in full force.


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