Roam Your Soul

I started Roam Your Soul this year as an online endeavor to get people to be more adventurous and to bring some amazing women together. Visit Roam Your Soul to get the whole deal and to learn more about what it’s all about.

Roam Your Soul is an online workshop for women that want to explore their daily lives with new eyes, experience adventure and roam their inner soul of who they are. The workshop will help you on an internal adventure that results in soul growth and learning about yourself through daily explorations, weekly reflections and other peoples experiences.

I enjoy.

Once signed up (only $15!), you will participate in a 4 week online workshop with women from around the world to explore, question, interpret and interact in adventures that touch your heart, wake you up, and change your way of life.

Whether you are stuck in a rut, tired of the daily doldrum, looking for something new to do, going through a massive life change or struggling to find who you are and where you are going, Roam Your Soul is sure to fill a place in your life.

I capture the experience.

Each participate will contribute to a private online forum with pictures, stories, and responses to questions and will be able to view online Roam Your Soul resources, writing suggestions and video blogs. Participants will share with women from around the world their own experiences through the Roam Your Soul project. You’ll begin by introducing yourself through a vacation picture and the phrase, “I wanted…” You’ll continue your journey by reading through others’ experiences and your own experience in the weekly challenges which include topics such as: trying something new, looking at your neighborhood with new eyes and a “self-sustainable” challenge.

Roamers will have the opportunity to create a private sharing community together online and will be able to read each others’ stories, view each others’ pictures and discuss experiences as well as provide encouragement and support to each other through this transforming process using the Roam Your Soul online forum.

Our Next Workshop: February 17th – March 18th
Cost: $20.00


Roam Your Soul – Teaser from christine perigen on Vimeo.

Contact info: /+1 (914) 297-8446 or use our ‘contact us’ form to request more information.

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