Trust Your Journey

Tuscany - 2010. Hiding behind the wine.

For years, friends have been telling me to write down my story. I haven’t felt like I’ve had much of a story but maybe I do. We all do. I’ve chosen the road less traveled. The road with rocks and holes and mud puddles. I’ve fallen down, gotten dirty, scratched up and hurt. I’ve always gotten back up and continued to laugh at myself the whole way through. Maybe my story isn’t much but it can be entertaining and I’ve learned so much about life and how to look at it from the journey I’ve chosen to be on.

My story is like all others – long. Usually, change in my life is inspired or driven by what I read. Books tend to have a heavy influence on manifesting my thought patterns into reality and action. This particular story starts back in 2005 when I was tired and feeling claustrophobic. I left my boyfriend, house and home to backpack into Victoria, B.C. on what I called a “Mecca” trip (inspired by The Alchemist). The result of which was for me to come home, pack up my Honda Civic with all my possessions and hit the road for New York City. But we’ll get to that later. This journey taught me a few things:

I’m not one to be tamed. I’m not one to bow down gently. I’m a roamer who is learning to trust the journey.

Read on. Be inspired. Or uninspired. Laugh or criticize. Think. Question. Embrace the life of an adventurer.


PS: Check out my online workshop for women. It’s part adventure, part reflection and part growth. Roam on!

3 thoughts on “Trust Your Journey

  1. I knew the minute I met you at an ungodly hour to ride 20miles in place of your friend – that you were a special soul!!! I am so inspired and excited for your journey….

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